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why reading is for lazy people

Let’s be honest, I am a lazy person. If I can do things an easier way, I for sure will take the shortcut.

Have you heard of Brene Brown, the author of “The Power of Vulnerability”? One of my favourite books, I mentioned her before.

It took this wonderful lady A COUPLE OF YEARS to do research on a passion project, interviewing HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, several WEEKS or even MONTHS to consolidate and get the grammar and the spelling checked, needed the collaboration with a publishing company and so many more hours and proof-readers involved…

After so much effort, focus, time and love, discipline, hard work and sleepless nights (okay, I will stop listing words here :D) to create this wonderful piece full of knowledge and revelations… what is left for me to find out what conclusions she came to?


Within a couple of hours or days I can inhale all the knowledge she found out on this topic, all the experience she gained on her journey. Sometimes when I read books, call me crazy, but I feel like cheating, like copying someone’s homework, because all of the work was done by someone else and I just effortlessly read their conclusion, put into an understandable and pleasant language for me to digest.

I heard people say “I don’t like reading” before. This doesn’t make sense to me. It would be the same as I heard someone saying “I don’t like series”. My response to that phrase is usually “So you haven’t read the right book yet.”

For every person, every field of interest, every hobby, there is an interesting, catching book just around the corner.

Books can open our horizon and let us see the world from another angle.

Let’s give this little miracles made of paper another chance and go the shortcut.