My brother from a pakistani mother

Never met a person comparable to you

who sees the world the way you do

understands the riddles to explain I try

you – with a horizon like the miraculous sky

Never had talks like I have with you

sitting on the balcony the whole night through

deeper than any treasure the ocean could hide

with you I swim to banks of my innermost mind

Never learned from a person as wise as you

With that I mean the stories besides the poo

You and me in your room, smoking weed, get high

Book of Eli? Nahin, I prefer book of Ahmadbhai

7 thoughts on “My brother from a pakistani mother”

  1. You always see people as you are. You see the good in them. You don’t even judge people when they are at their worst. I wish sometimes I could see them through your eyes. Feels like I have known you forever.

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